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Here at Dice Detailing Customs we offer professional services such as:


Full In/Out Car Cleaning

We have multiple in/out packages to fit different client and vehicle needs. From a basic maintenance clean to a deep steam clean.

Prices vary starting at $80


Paint Corrections

Removal of imperfections such as surface scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and more from the vehicles paint. We do an in depth assessment on the vehicle's condition to determine the best steps to bringing that new car shine to your vehicle again.

Prices vary starting at $300


Ceramic Coating

Protect your investment with a ceramic coat. A chemical polymer solution that protects your vehicle paint from harmful UV rays, chemical stains and makes maintenance much easier. We offer up to 5 years protection.

Prices vary starting at $300


Headlight Restoration

Increase your level of safety and enhance the overall look of your vehicle with a headlight restoration. We restore headlights to like new and protect them from uv rays. Why buy new headlights when you can save big?

$100 a pair


Clay Bar

Remove fallout, brake dust, tree sap, road grime and other unwanted contaminants from your vehicle with a clay bar.

$100 (small cars)

$125 (vans, suvs and trucks)


Engine Degrease

Keep your engine bay looking clean and new while also reducing risks of spills/leaks that can lead to more damage to your vehicle. We do full engine degreasing.


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